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Obverse single spindle automatic coil winding machine SS861A
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Description :

The SS861A obverse single spindle automatic coil winding machine is one digital programmable High-speed coil winding machine. It's the highest efficiency equipment. is best choice for winding thick wire transformer, inductor, relay, ignition,contactor,electric valve,etc. .

Feature :
1. Microprocessor design, easy for program-setting.
2. Stepping motor driven by constant-current power supply, High spreading speed precise winding.
3. "Start Point " could set by key panel or with teachable function. Display Will show the position of spreading head while setting.
4. Wire spreading tension device spreading head.
5. Foot-switch connection for better efficiency.
8. Winding parameters and options can be set independently for each step.
9. Memory capacity accommodates 999 steps of parameters with off-power memory retention.
Specification :
Model SS861A
Spindles 1
Wire size 0.2~ 2.0mm 
Spread pitch 0~ 9.999mm
Spread width 150mm (Max. )
Coil diameter 300mm (Max. )
Spindel motor DC Motor 500W
Spread motor Stepping motor
Max. speed 6000rpm
Memory 999 Sequences
Power source AC220V ±10%, 50/60 Hz
Dimension (cm) 45x67x60
Net weight(Kg) 45


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